1. Anonymous said: Hi -- asking as a favor, can you take the picture of Larry and Giovanni down. That is his boyfriend and no he has not outed himself. Don't know how this picture found its way to the blogsphere but if you are a fan of Les Twins this pic is not during them any favor. Please consider.


    This had me laughing so hard i had to take a break from tumblr to be able to type anything at all.

    Are you fucking stupid?
    Giovanni is their childhood friend. Friend!

    And i happen to have eyewitness reports that Larry is flirting his way through all the girls of NY.

    You are just some trouble maker trying to start rumors.
    That is first of all sad and second of all very mean.

    Get a life, grey face.

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    1. twins-addict said: L M FFFF A O!!! i can’t even, lolololololol ;D I hate that two guys can’t hug or stuff like that, because always someone will call them ‘gay’. uuhh, just let this go! this pic is so funny and cute :)
    2. paikea said: lol TROLL
    3. mianinja said: -clapping- bwahhaha i had to pause my convo for this XD
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